RISE Foundation aims to create a model for changing underserved communities into Knowledge Societies – Societies where people are equipped with knowledge required for taking informed decisions about important aspects of their lives viz. education, occupation, health, hygiene, nutrition, environment, natural resources management and are empowered to live an adequate life.

RISE envisages holistic development in the region where it works. The interventions are meant to bridge the knowledge divide that currently exists due to extremely inadequate access to the internet directly impacting the quality of people’s lives.

The organisation’s focus is to remove people’s ignorance by equipping them with the skills and tools required to access internet so that they are connected to the sea of knowledge that is available on the World Wide Web and enable them to have a level playing field to compete in the areas of their choice.

RISE Foundation, through its interventions and participation of the local community, aims to see such communities gradually evolve into knowledge societies.