Ode village was selected as the second project after the successful completion of Balisana RISE Resource center. Ode village of Daskroi Taluka in Ahmedabad, having more than 5000 population was chosen to start RISE resource center on the basis of laid down criteria of RISE Foundation. Prior to take a decision of opening a center at Ode, an extensive survey was carried out in the village. RISE resource center at Ode village started in April 2015 and was operational till April 2016. Ode village was best suited for the project due to its optimal size of population, average literacy level and low economic condition. Children (from the age of 7 years including Girls & Boys), Females (upto the age of 40 years) and students who were appearing for the competitive exams were the beneficiary of the center. RISE team initiated the process of forming Self- learning group of the village and counseled them to prepare for the competitive exams.

Following activities were carried out at our Balisana RISE Resource Center:

1. Digital Literacy,
2. Sensitizing communities about Internet as a Knowledge Tool.
3. Motivational Talks for Self Improvement
4. Self-Learning Groups
5. Information Desk
6. Capacity-building programmes for financial growth

English communication and computer skills of the people of Ode village were a cause of concern. However at RISE resource center we could develop basic communication and computer skills on the other hand we couldn’t achieve very enthusiastic results from our Self-Learning Group’s initiative.