RISE Knowledge Resource Center is a hub that the organisation establishes either in partnership or independently. The primary objective of these centers is to provide the underserved people access to resources of knowledge, information, self-improvement and facilitating capacity building for their economic empowerment.

Activities undertaken at RISE Knowledge Resource Center

Digital Literacy
RISE Resource Centers typically have a computer laboratory having a minimum of 5 computers to as many as 20. At these labs, RISE conducts digital literacy programmes in association with The Intel. People from all age groups and backgrounds are encouraged to enrol for learning basic computer usage. The Intel Easy Steps is a basic digital literacy education program for adult learners with little or no experience with computers. On successful completion of the programme, participants can communicate with friends, family and business associates though email, research and access information on the Internet, create resumes, flyers, invitations, budgets, business documents, presentations, and do much more.

Sensitizing communities about Internet as a Knowledge Tool
Each RISE Resource Center is manned by a Center Co-ordinator. The Center co-ordinator dedicates fixed hours every day for visiting underserved families personally and informing them about the center and various activities offered there. The center co-ordinator talks to them about Internet and how it can be used to meet their day-to-day information needs. He basically promotes internet as a knowledge tool and invites them to experience it first-hand at the resource center.

Motivational Talks for Self Improvement
As part of this activity, RISE arranges special lectures every month, on a ‘Self-Improvement’ topic such as ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Time Management’, ‘Anger Management’, ‘Building Self Esteem’, ‘Confidence Building’, ‘Effective Communication’, ‘Etiquettes’, ‘Interview Skills’, ‘Stress Management’ etc. People are informed about the lectures well in advance to ensure optimum participation from the community.

Public Library
The computer laboratories at RISE Resource Centers also act as public libraries. Members from the underserved community are encouraged to use internet for their information and knowledge needs – read newspapers, articles, books online.

Self Learning Groups
For students wanting to prepare and appear for job-related competitive exams, RISE encourages them to form Self Learning Groups and utilize the Resource Center for getting counselling support in planning their studies , query resolution, and accessing study material in the form of books, DVDs and online information. This format is different from that of a typical coaching institute.
Within a group which is motivated and seeking accomplishment in succeeding at the competition, a self learning platform affords to them opportunity for supplementing each others information and knowledge to reach the optimal level required for the competition.

Information Desk
People from the community are encouraged to visit RISE Resource Center, whenever seeking information on any subject or whenever needing inputs before making a decision. The information need could be trivial or complex. The center-co-ordinator makes an honest effort to give appropriate information, based on his/her own knowledge, using internet or seeking help from subject specialists.
So whether someone wants to know what is required to get admission in a medical college or how to apply for a passport, how to get insurance for their livestock or how to register a complaint with consumer court…all such information is provided at the Information Desk.

Capacity-building programmes for financial growth
Depending on the demand from the market as well as enthusiasm displayed by the community, RISE conducts capacity building programmes that train individuals in various job skills. A time-table is prepared and shared in advance and interested candidates are asked to register for the programme. Upon course completion, students are given certificate of course completion.
Examples include : Training people for Apparel and Leather Techniques, Para-dental staff, computer hardware training, web designing, mobile repairing, housekeeping staff, driver-cum office boy etc.